Sunday Scripture: Isaiah 41:10

This verse became my mantra last summer when my son suffered an anoxic brain injury, and for a few days, we didn’t know if he would even survive. 
After it became clear he would live, we didn’t know how severe the brain damage would be. 
If I had not felt the healing hand of God, every hour of every day of every week that we spent waiting for answers, I’m sure I would not have survived.
Is there a verse YOU stand on when things in your life start spinning out of control?

I like to start the week with Deidra and her friends by sharing a little bit of inspiration through scripture. Won’t you join us?

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  1. Elizajose says

    Yes Chrissy, this verse is the one that i stand on daily esp. in times of the very visible increasing wickedness the world over, in our country India as well. being a single  (i live with my brother though) in such tough times i ‘m strengthened daily by these verses and also Psalm 91 & 23 which i read every morning and bedtime.

    trust God healed your son miraculously in time and he is well on the road to total recovery. What a mighty God we serve.
    Amen & Glory & Honour to Jesus alone.

  2. Joanne Norton says

    Can’t think of a particular verse at this moment, but usually it’s connected to rejoicing, b/c nothing else can help.  “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.”  But your verse is SO absolutely true and relying upon.  Whatever happens, and a verse is dropped into our heart, THAT at that moment is what we must hold onto tightly.  His Word covers so many areas we can rely on Him to put the right one into our heart at the right time.  All we got…

    Thanks much.  Bless you.

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