New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

When my desk is a mess, not only can I not find anything, but I’m a little bit crazy.
Does that happen to you?
It’s incredible how simply tidying up my desk not only helps me get my work done, but it restores a little bit of my sanity. Organization is amazing that way!
In 2012, I began working as a Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant, helping bloggers, handmade shop owners, and small businesses with all the mundane little tasks that suck up their time and keep them from focusing on “the big picture”.
My clients tell me almost daily that having someone (me!) to help with all the little details makes it so much easier for them to do the things they love ~ like writing amazing blog content, designing and creating beautiful jewelry and art, and taking excellent care of their customers.
And I have to admit, I take a certain amount of pride in knowing that I play a small part in making their lives just a little bit less stressful.
Getting organized is such a popular New Year’s Resolution, but the truth is, a lot of people have no idea where to start. Their email inbox is a mess, causing them to overlook important emails. They want to organize their Pinterest boards, but there’s just no time. They’d love to pre-schedule tweets, but it’s hard enough to tweet in real-time.
The thing is, I love blogging. I love handmade treasures and beautiful art work. And I love partnering with the people behind these things, seeing their dreams come true, which is why I love to do what I do!
If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to finally get organized and take your blog or business to the next level, I’d love to talk to you about ways I can help. I’d love to hear your ideas and plans for 2013, and then put together a plan to help you reach your goals.
What kind of tasks would you LOVE to delegate, so that your time is freed up to do something more important?
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  1. Michele says

    I love that you are doing something that really resonates with you.  My daughter would die if she knew I was sharing this here but I always tell people she and her best friend invented Virtual Assistants.  She turned 18 last month and when she and her friend were young…I’m not even sure they were in school yet…they would sit and draw these pictures of the inside of an RV with plans to gut the RV and install a fax, copier, scanner, printer, computer, etc. and they were going to travel all over in their little office doing work for people all over the world.  it was the cutest thing and I remember thinking how creative it was and how crazy, at the same time…how could you possibly drive around the US in an RV working for other people all over the world?? Little did I know how far ahead of her time she was.  LOL  

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