Do You Love Getting Cards Via Snail Mail?

If you were following my blog last year, you might recall that I kicked off a weekly snail-mail greeting card campaign in February. 
The goal was to send a card or letter, via regular US mail, to someone I love each and every week of 2012.
My campaign was only semi-successful. Suffice it to say, I didn’t manage to send a card every single week. But I did send quite a few over the course of the year.
So this year, I’m trying it again. And again, my goal is one card a week for the rest of the year. Maybe I’ll succeed, maybe I won’t. But either way, with every card I send, the recipient will know I was thinking about them, and isn’t that what really matters?
I love purchasing my cards from *Tiny Prints and *Dayspring, because they both offer such beautiful, thoughtful designs that are much more unique than anything you can buy in a store. 
And just like last year, Dayspring is still offering its Heart Connection Card Club, which gets you 10 gorgeous each month for only $12.99/mo. That’s a savings of more than 50 percent off the regular price, and you get 10 FREE cards just for signing up. It’s a real win-win, if you ask me!
So I wonder, will YOU join me in brightening someone’s day? Whether you send a card once a week or once a month, it’s the thought that counts. 
My first card is going out to my mom. Who will you send YOUR first card to this week?
{*The fine print: these are affiliate links, which basically means that if you follow the link and make a purchase, I might receive a small compensation. You’re under no obligation to purchase using this links, but when you do, it really makes me happy!}

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    Chrissy, I found a wonderful calligrapher who makes such beautiful cards. I just ordered a bunch from her so I can start writing my cards.  Her name is Prudy Long. Here is her web address:

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