Sunday Scripture: Exodus 14:14

If you’re wondering who’s got your back, I think this says it all.

Like most weeks, I’m joining Deidra and her friends in sharing a little beautiful inspiration in the form of scripture. You’re welcome to join us!

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  1. Joanne Norton says

    The Lord used this verse for/on me back in the Fall of ’69.  I was headed for a “fight” with my husband… and the Lord dropped this into me immediately to tell me to keep my mouth shut and HE would handle the situation.  HE did.  I was 24 … and now at 67, I still rely on that verse.  Different husband, who is a protecting and loving man … but still, when headed to a fight … spiritual warfare or cultural battle … the “rule” still is to keep my mouth shut and let Him do the fight.  [I can pray, turn, give ... but NOT "mouth" in a wrong attitude.]

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