One Word 2013: Peace

Are you familiar with the One Word campaign? It’s the idea of choosing a single word that you will focus on for the entire year. One word that you want to remember and work toward and reflect on and be challenged by for all of 2013.
For me, that word is Peace.
The truth is, 2012 wasn’t kind to my family. Oh, as a glass-half-full kind of person, I have to admit that things could’ve been worse. There’s always something to be thankful for. 
But still, 2012 was rough. 
I lost my job. Our son had a life-altering accident. I lost a sweet, sweet friend who was like a daughter to me. 
There wasn’t much peace in my 2012.
For that reason, I want to focus on finding peace and choosing joy in 2013. I want to remember that peace and joy can be found in my heart and life, regardless of my outward circumstances.
Right now, I am committing to seeking peace in 2013. 
In a few months, I’ll check back in to let you know how it’s going in my pursuit of this One Word. Why don’t you join us? You can learn more about the One Word campaign by clicking the button below.
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  1. Jenn Walden says

    It seems 2012 was a rough year for many people.  I pray that 2013 proves to be full of peace and joy for you and your family.  Blessings.

  2. says

    I’m enjoying the inspiration I’m reading in One Word blog posts! I pray that you have a year of joy and peace…. I hope to keep up with several and check in through the year to see how the word for the year is influencing the year!  Mine is Unstoppable!


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