A Letter to Leslie: In Memory


There is never enough time. At my age, I really should know that and yet, every single day I take time for granted.

I still foolishly believe there’s always tomorrow.

But this week, sweet Leslie, we ran out of time. Without warning, you left this world. 
Just two weeks ago, we talked about you and Ian bringing the kids to Indianapolis to visit me, and we said, “We’ll do it soon.”

But we ran out of time.

For months I’ve been planning a trip to Mississippi next winter, once baby Shelby was here.

But it was not to be.
Last weekend, I was thinking about going to Kohl’s this week to look at your baby registry and start shopping for pretty blue things for baby Shelby.
But now, it doesn’t matter.
There’s no tomorrow.

We formed an improbable friendship, you and I. We had nothing in common, and over 20 years difference in age. But you became my iDaughter, as we liked to say, the daughter I never had. And I hope that in some way, I gave you something that you needed, too.

As the loss of you rocks my world and the world of so many others, I feel so incredibly blessed that we were able to get together in Nashville back in February.

Selfishly, though, I feel so cheated that there will be no more visits like that.

I don’t ask “why”. It’s not for me to question why God would choose to take you home now. I trust His plan, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense.

I pray you knew how much I loved you. How proud I was of you. I was so proud of the mother you were to Rhiannon, Junior, and Zoey. I was so proud of how hard you worked to become a pharmacy tech. I was proud of the relationship you and Ian had built and the family you had become.

Last night I stood outside looking up at the heavens, imagining where you are and how beautiful it must be there, and suddenly a shooting star lit up the night sky.

It was as if you were saying, “It’s okay, don’t worry about me. Everything will be fine.”

I know we’ll meet again one day, but until then, the world will be a little colder. My heart will be a little emptier. But my soul remains full because your beautiful spirit still dwells there, and it always will.
Sleep sweet, iDaughter.
Your iMomma
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  1. Gregory Byrd says

    I just got back home from the cemetery and found this. I could not ask for a more beautiful tribute for my baby Leslie. Thank you and God Bless.


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