The Joy Dare: Week One

For the last nine months of Mondays, you could find me counting to One Thousand Gifts with sweet Ann Voskamp and her followers.

I’m so inspired and challenged every day by Ann, so it shouldn’t be surprising that in 2012, she’s bringing yet another challenge for her readers. She’s calling it The Joy Dare.

Ann is asking that we start over, all the back at one, in our counting. The goal is to count 1,000 gifts in 2012.  That means living with eyes wide open, looking for the gifts every single day of this year.
In the last week, these are the gifts I found:
1. Morning coffee, brewing ever so quietly.
2. The sound of the school bus outside my window.
3. A big orange morning moon hanging in the western sky.
4. Rain in January, instead of snow.
5. A phone call from my son.
6. My memory foam mattress and soft comfy cotton sheets.
7. A warm car to get me to and from work.
8. A job that challenges me and pays the bills.
9. Hot water in the shower every morning.
10. Affirming words from someone I respect.
11. Playing Words With Friends every day with people who challenge me.
12. Warm snuggles with a big red dog.
13. Peach colored roses for my 21st wedding anniversary.
14. My iPad.
15. Facebook messages from my 10 year old niece Rebekah.
16. A new, very much needed vacuum cleaner.
17. Stuffed french toast from IHOP.
18. High school basketball games.
19. Sunday dinner and football on television with my family.
20. A nice hot bath.
I’ll bet you were blessed with a few gifts this week, too, weren’t you? Won’t you share a few in comments? Or leave the link to your own gift-counting post below.
Have a great week, Friend!
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  1. Dorie_K says

    your list made me smile – what wonderful blessings! oh, the thought of that moon – bet is breathtaking.

  2. Libbie says

    Yep….that is one good list of blessings! Keeps us joyful o think of them all :) You had me at coffee :) & the rest just made me smile more!!!

  3. StefanieYoungBrown says

    Ahh!! I love #19! That is exactly what I did yesterday while keeping my little man home recuperating. Unfortunately, all my teams LOST!!

    I always enjoy the realness of your lists.

    Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  4. says

    I was sorry to see the Broncos lose, but I was okay with the rest of this weekend’s wins. It’ll be interesting to see how next week shakes out, and which teams end up coming to my town for the Super Bowl!

    Have a great week, Stefanie!

  5. StefanieYoungBrown says

    I know… We hosted the Super Bowl last year and it was amazing. I’m anxious, too, to see who winds up there. I’m anxious to see who I wind up pulling for once the teams are set.

    We’ll see…

  6. says

    I always appreciate the reminder to attend to my gratitude list!

    475. Whipped cream
    476. Appreciation from my kids
    477. A good furnace
    478. New cozy pajamas
    479. A fire in the fireplace
    480. Minimal damage and loss from a break in
    481. Seeing my grandson baptized
    482. Having his daddy and his great grandma there to see, too
    483. Getting my grandson to smile
    484. Clean water to drink
    485. Unexpected income at the beginning of the year
    486. New books to read
    487. Enjoying NFL playoffs
    488. Recognizing that it’s okay to let go of old friendships that have faded away
    489. Recognizing that it’s okay to be sad about those friendships
    490. Treasuring the good friends I have now

  7. says

    Rain in January… crazy! lol We had rain last month! Oh a hot shower. Love me a hot shower. Also love me snuggles from our dog! :) Peach roses sound so beautiful. What a sweet anniversary gift!

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